Yesterday I had posted a link to Deepak’s blog showing how sensex EPS projection is at best a futile exercise….

well today I am posting a link to how ‘big bang’ retail can create problems, stories, etc. to make a case for itself. Take the case of Gillette – once upon a time (say 125+ years ago) – made it famous that ‘bodily hair is inconvenient, and therefore ….so all men (and women) started using Gillette blades….and the rest is history!

Similarly here is an argument about how big box retail is trying to enter India by creating stories. Not sure how many of you remember the ‘lose oil sales fiasco? Sure loose oil sales must have slumped and the beneficiary must have been the ‘packaged oil’ industry…..

We continue to buy loose coconut oil, til oil, etc…and no, no regrets!

read on about why onion prices rise, fall, etc…..

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  1. Hi Subra, Maran, sambaran, Dr. Khan,

    Thanks for the excellent insights about economics and policies in it. I doubt even doing a degree in economics would have given the knowledge, that I got by spending 10 mins in this article. This section seems to be much better than the NDTV’s big fight. Thanks again.

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