Book review of ‘Retire Rich- Invest Rs. 40 a day’

The best thing I liked about this book review is it was written by a very smart 21 year old (she is not yet 22). Her dad felt she could have done a far better job (she is far more talented and this does not do justice to her writing skills I agree).

However for a kid so young to read (and re read) this book (which she paid for, and did not ask me for a copy (just for reading as people ask!).  Really impressive kid.

By the way 5 girls under the age of 24 have read this book and said ‘If you had not used the work Retire more younger people would have bought this book’. NO BOY BELOW THIS AGE has read this book – at least I do not know of any. Just an observation, not a value judgement 🙂

Read on ….
The book – “Retire Rich – Invest Rs. 40 a day” – focuses on financial planning from a Retirement point of view. All said and done, Retirement is one of those inevitable phases of life that we all dread to face some or the other day. This book simply makes the fear a practical example to deal with in a planned steady manner.
To be frank this is book will only help those who have a long way to retire, after all planning itself takes a long time and as money involved, emotions make it even hard to plan.
To start with, It explains the benefits of financial planning and also the disadvantages of not planning or faulty planning. The best part about this book is the extent to how casually the facts and aspects have been explained. Humans are sensitive towards their money, knowing this, the Author has very tactfully taken a practical and rational articulation approach to drill in the explanation. For emphasis, he has also provided with examples with statistical figures for back-up. It is indeed the best way to explain the value of money.
The Author has also explained Retirement with every other related topic, for instance, considering factors like luxury, inflation and desired investments into consideration, the 3 aspects that cannot be ignored. The cover says the author is a trainer – and the book is written exactly how a trainer would talk! The mathematical examples (see useful tables at the end) are easy to understand and use.

The concepts are very well defined, to the point and in a very lucid manner, an informal style of writing, and the best part is that the content is in point-form, so it is easy to read and doesn’t let boredom strike in. This book explains every small concept right from unemployment to being retired thus helping even a layman enrich with all the information he needs to know. Economic jargon makes  everything complicated. This books just un-complicates it.

As a 21 yr old, reading this book is as though someone is taking to me, explaining me various concepts and being funny at the same time, together making one realize that financial planning is not some “maara-maari” like how it is put by most.

I would personally suggest this book to everyone starting from a 18 yr old to everyone till the age of 35.

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  1. candid piece by young reviewer.

    Shame flipkart wont ship outside India. and so do indiaplaza.
    And not yet available in EU marketplace.
    Any chance it is available for purchase in ebook format?

    best regards

  2. yes Siddharth a good short review. What i wanted is some of her personal views -‘it reads like a lecture, not like a book’, the mathematical models may need more explanation’ etc. did not come out in the review. Also when you know a kid closely, you tend to be a little more pushy. So maybe I am..but yes she has done a good job.

  3. Thank you for the reply, Mr Subramanyam.

    What if she didnt think the way you wanted outcome? ’it reads like a lecture, not like a book’
    Theres no hamr being pushy as long as it yields positive outcome.

    We as human like storytellers, dont we? This is in general. And mind please, being a good storyteller is not everyone cup of tea.

    In my individual honest view I see you have got a excellent storytelling skill. And this aids us poor souls learning way way easier.

    I havent read the book personally. I came to your blog by Deepak Shenoy’s recommendation and thanks to him for the same I am loving this blog.

    I take that there is no other format (for your book) available for purchase other than the hard cover for now.

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