Tuesday did a session at the MoneyLife office at Shivaji Park….’It is not your income, but your wealth that counts’ . Like everybody, I like to see my pictures – which Moneylife has put up on its website..so please look at it (it will do My ego a lot of good, i think, I do not know)

here are the pictures…


It was well attended – and upwards of 60 people were present – and I really liked it! The event had a sponsor in Icici Prudential asset management company! At the event 21 copies of my book got sold – and that number is better than the last two book reading sessions that I did…for a book store!

So Moneylife has a nice database of investors / potential investors (currently being savers) who come and ask questions. The attraction of market timing is so high that inspite of their own past experience, they still hope they can do it. Surely there are some people in the audience (even of this blog) who are waiting for that one idea that will make him or her a million dollars! In the meanwhile they will squander their time, money, etc. and wait!

Questions were asked about metals, losses in PMS schemes, private equity funds, gold prices, real estate, inflation, regulators, risk in ppf, risk in dealing with government bodies, etc.

Obviously some of them had to be told that swimming classes not being available as a correspondence course…hopefully some of them will jump into the water if they wish to learn swimming!

Thank you Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu for organising this! thanks to the sponsors Icici Prudential …and all the enthusiastic employees of Moneylife foundation…and the caterer of course…

I hope people liked it!! I enjoyed it….

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  1. Excellent subra sir, such sessions should become a part of curriculum. However from the pictures i could notice so many middle aged man and older people but couldnt find a youngster amongst them. Dont you think its still a cause of concern that youngsters are not taking active part in such sessions ?

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