I had done this post long ago..sometime in July, 2009, when I met Prakash Mundhra for a Television discussion with Prakash Mundhra..about his investments. Today I am repeating this post…’cause it is worth reading about 🙂

Normally the MBAs I meet are the ones who start looking for a job by the time they are in the 12th month of their MBA if not earlier. No I am not trying to criticise, just generalise. A few days back however I met a very different type of MBA. Instead of selling soap or colured water (should we not change it to credit cards and life insurance?) he set up a business on his own. No expensive research on what will work, no glass and aluminium office, no staff, just the wanting to do something else mentality. Of course it helps that he is a Marwadi and a Maheshwari at that!

He finished his MBA from Symbiosis and started off Blessingz – making Festival kits and Corporate Gifts. He makes Diwali pooja kit, Holi pooja kit, …do not think he has added a Christmas Pooja kit though! Very thoughtful and smart – with the Gen next caught between Mom and Mom-in-law asking embarrasing questions like – ‘do you know what all to buy for a pooja’ – and google not being able to provide all the answers (with the google map location of where to buy)..this product will be a hit. His name is Prakash Mundhra. His office reminded me of my office – about 1/3rd the size of my 300 sq ft. office. My office was in Fort, this is in Masjid.

He has won a few awards – for his business plan and for the way he has been doing business. Best of luck Prakash, surely you are on the right path!

I saw the desire to grow….so when you see the IPO of “Blessingz” 5 years from now, remember you read about it here first.

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  1. Very interesting concept! I agree…this will be a great hit. He doesn’t have to spend money on marketing – just viral mail campaigns (apart from the endorsement on your blog!!) will really help him along.

  2. Sukumaran’s message needs some explanation…I had said I am connected to 6 Poojas on FB..and they have a common agenda of Subra bashing. Now he has added these 3 Poojas..I should have spelt this as Puja…and I am not connected to any Puja at all…:)

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