1. After reading your post, I must share my experience with one of the very respectable private bank. I am an NRI and had asked for statement of account of year 2007 at their representative office here in Dubai.(This is required by the AMC to verify that funds have been remitted through NRE account). I was promised by my bank that you will receive the statement within 2 working days on my registered E-mail. It is been one week and no sign of it. I have been calling their call center and no luck there too. The usual answer of” I will check and come back to you”. In this world of electronic mail, where information/documents travel by the click of a mouse, I dont understand why it takes so long for them to do some simple tasks.

  2. i m sure u r talking about the big H bank. i have faced exact same instances, with transfer slips, with cheque books, and even for securities account with their brokerage sister firm. had similar talks with the bank, with the famous sharmaji too of the firm, and still after 9 months the account is not open. in 9 months a new life can come into this world, but sadly no h sec account.

    may as they say its time to move on, but then trust is something they behold.

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