I was stunned when a guy whom I was interviewing said:

“Sir Real Estate Prices DO NOT GO DOWN..I have been in the markets for 5 years, and in Navi Mumbai where I have been doing Loan against Property sourcing, I have not seen real estate prices come down, EVER”.

Another student/ candidate said:

“Sir I know a lot about Equity markets…I eat, live and breathe CNBC. There have been times when I would watch Cnbc for 8-9 hours A DAY. I have learnt about Fundamental analysis by watching TV. 6 years I have been in the market and have learnt almost everything about the markets”

Fairly obvious when a vicious man gets a ‘bali ka bakra’ like this, the obvious next question was:

‘How much money have you made in the equity markets…in the past 6 years?’ – fair enough I think?

He said:

‘I have just been learning and watching. I must have invested about Rs. 200,000 in the market in the past 5-6 years, most of it recently …and in some IPOs”. Except for RCom and Reliance Power I have not done too badly. Also I do not sell UNLESS if I am making a profit. So because of the long term nature of my investments (i can even hold it for ONE year – you see this is my long term portfolio)…and the fact that I will not sell, I do not have any losses”

When you get such a long winded answer…you know he has blown it 🙂

Shamelessly I persisted…He said: “Sir I have invested Rs. 20,000 in a public company whose I P O is likely to come out soon…other than that the value of my portfolio is about Rs. 105,000”

Six years in a bank deposit…he may have at least doubled his money, I presume.

Have a friend who gives channels a funny name…but I am sure there are women and children reading this blog 🙂 so will not use it…He has used it in one of the comments column, I have not edited it . Frankly channels are useful only for those people who already know quite a bit. For example when a school teacher hears “Biocon looks fairly priced from a long term perspective, however the Open Interest is increasing..and looks Technically weak” – no way can he/ she use this information, can she?

Astrology, Television anchoring, etc….are all about ’round about’ talking so the common man cannot make MONEY by watching tv..at least that is what I feel…surely the rising popularity of business channels (3 more are being launched) means I am wrong?

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  1. As you did not allow my comments to be posted for your article, in which you’ve unjustifiably criticized us with out getting into detail or understanding the context, I’ve written my feedback in the form of an article in our portal.

    The topic is- A Very Popular Blogger: Is he ignorant or arrogant?

    The link for the same is

    If you’ve courage to receive feedback as much as malice you show towards others, you may publish this.

    I’ve great respect for you but that does not mean I should not differ from you.

    Kindly go through our entire portal before passing any value judgement.

    The very spice of life is different views and perspectives.

    Kindly do not trample lesser mortals like us. We acknowledge your superiority.

  2. today is the first time that I went to wisewealthadvisors.com – and I do not think I have edited anything. If he thinks this post is about him, I am surprised. When i said ‘my friend’ I meant my friend – not somebody I do not know. It is Aniruddha Sengupta who calls one of the popular channels a name which is unprintable. Sorry wise wealth advisors, but I still maintain, I do not edit my articles.

  3. @ Subra – Now you know that your blog is really popular and hitting a few below the belt! Keep up the good work!!!! 🙂

    @ Muthu – I went through the article by Subra and no mention of you either by name or blog! So whats the ‘real’ problem

    I have a feeling that this is going to be a very interesting comments section and I am loving it!!!!!

  4. sorry wise wealth advisors…there seems to have been an overzealous wordpress spam screen – i found 3-4 of your comments in the spam. Honestly I do not know how it got there. By the way my articles are written about a month in advance – and I intervene if I need to do some post. On such days you will see 2 or sometimes even 3 articles.

  5. only after I read all the comments that you have posted I realised that you are talking about Karuturi Global and Idfc. Frankly I had not read any of your comments earlier. Read all my ‘Investment myths’ – I have said there is no one theory which works. On your portal I have read only today’s blog – and I am sure it is the first time that I am visiting it.

  6. Subra being scared..ha ha. He scares people..knows enough celebrities in the financial services industry (should I say all of them know him? is that more appropriate?)..the last thing he should be worried about comments on his blog. I know his pen has blood instead of ink..but never seen him write about any one person EVER. Periodically of course the regulators are the receiving end of his pen – even that does not concern him. Whatever anybody does to him his dividend income cannot be taken away no? I do not think he earns more than $ 10 a day …..

  7. I appreciate your guts to give link to the article which is critical of you. My respect for you has increased. I respect you for what you are even though I’ve different perspective on some of your writings and the personality trait of ‘Malice towards all’. I agree that most people in the financial services industry deserve your criticism. But there are good people also. Bad is always balanced by atleast some good. I personally know some of the good people. May be you should change your attitude to ‘Malice towards many’.

  8. subra i also think you should remove the email id…and hot links to commentators. In fact that is what would have sent the comments to spam.

  9. Dear Sir,

    I know one stock broker, who is also a CFP, is running a illgeal PMS scheme (i.e) he does not posses licence to run a PMS scheme. Now a days he can be seen in NDTV Profit and some local tamil channels which nobody sees.

    My question is, is this person may be more of rule than exception?

    How regulator is going to reign in these kind of people?

    People get carried away by his appearance in NDTV Profit and the huge returns he is promising.

    I do not have any documents to support this as he is doing his PMS through running account. But he keeps boasting about it to people.

    The irony is, he is an office bearer in a well known local investors association in Chennai.

    Please advice.


  10. ugh licensure doesnt make anything legal or illegal. its an old trick to keep competition out.its PMS.its supposed to be for the savvy or the rich. i wouldnt worry about it. fools and their monies need to be parted often and again

  11. I agree with you Pravin. ‘A fool and his money are soon invited everywhere’ is the plaque kept on Warren Buffett’s table. But my question is what about innocent public who get caught by such scamsters? Can Mr.Subra share how these kind of illegal PMS scams can be brought under control? People knowingly going for an ‘official’ PMS is one thing. What about people getting caught unknowingly in ‘unofficial’ ones?

  12. Your interviewee has bought out a very prevalent topic. I have been on the same boat (watching tv and thinking the experts have told me everything), albeit for managing my own personal finance.

    It took me 3 years or so to realize what tv channels are doing. I was lucky as I wasn’t putting any money on the thoughts picked up from them.

    This was all before i heard of and read ‘Intelligent Investor’, ‘Security Analysis’ from Mr. Ben Graham, Berkshire Letters etc…

    The point am trying to make is, the TV channels are surely one of the worst ways to learn about personal finance or stock markets.
    I pity the poor fellow. He was probably looking for a job, isn’t it ?


  13. I guess that’s what they mean when they say public memory is short lived. You would’ve thought that with property prices falling so dramatically in US just a couple of years, you wouldn’t hear such statements but what do you know.

    “This Time is Different” is a really great book for anyone seriously interested in collapses, and how they have occurred over time at different places in the world.

  14. Subra

    You need to check your settings(criteria) on which you are sending the comments into spam.

    A similar situation or I should say “HAADSA” happened with one of my readers too 🙂


  15. I came late on this..what is Mr. Muthu cribbing about? I did not understand..and about Subra being afraid …of a blogger? I do not think he needs to – why he knows all the Commissioners of police..and perhaps the DG..:). LOL

    Even though there are times when you can guess which publication or bank he is hitting at…he never mentions names. It is normally in ‘general’ that he rubbishes them.

    Frankly we need a blog which will tell the end customer…’Wake Up Sid, you are responsible for your actions’..do not wait for Sardar Manmohan Singh to help you. He has far, far more important things to do…

    So Subra if you have rubbed somebody, RUB harder. If it was unintentionally please hurt intentionally – it makes good reading.

  16. I think I agree with Subra’s view – mails with email ids, cell number, skype, links – are surely indicators of being a spam. So the spam scanner has caught them

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