Not getting into too much of detail about what Ayn Rand said in Atlas Shrugged..but the dialogue is worth reading. Google and find it please.

She says in many of her articles that people who are goons have no respect for money and they will take it away from you. Now one easy way of taking money from you is to create inflation. When there is inflation rupee loses value and the biggest thief of this century has been President Nixon. When the Japanese economy was booming in the 1970s they invested their Yen in the American economy and for every 320 Yen they got 1 US $. Now for 90 Yen they are getting a dollar. The fall has been sure, steady and almost absolute. If the Japanese economy was still booming we would have said ‘Here is a dollar, give me ONE yen’.

Nixon in 1971 quietly without asking the imbecile Congress cut the connection between the American dollar and Gold. He also made sure that the Americans could not buy gold (except for jewelery).

When Ayn Rand says ‘goons take it away’ she also means the government which taxes you! Taxes and inflation are the worst dangers (apart from being cheated by an unscruplous agent / investing company). If you can reduce the impact of these factors in your portfolio, you have covered 90% of your journey. Then you need not worry whether you should be in a mid cap mutual fund or a large cap mutual fund. Immaterial of which brilliant financial journalist is advising you!!

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  1. the lesson i learn here is not that money is evil.but that the one who has monopoly over money (the govts in todays world) essentially can loot you directly(tax) and stealthily via inflation .all in the name of the poor ofcourse.

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