I wish I had joined the mafia – at least everybody would KNOW that I am a bad man!

A friend of mine in a high position in a big finance company told me this yesterday!

The following are a mix of my views and partly his lament!

Having seen Investment banking (I think a book on IPO scam is in place, are you listening Sucheta?), Merchant Banking, Broking, the Mutual fund industry, the life insurance industry, the ‘profession’ of financial planning and now the greatest of them all – financial literacy, I wonder….which would have been better 🙂

Most Kids in business schools would love to join an Investment bank in the US for making a career, correct?

Well, most of them would – I actually know some kids who will not, but they are a minority.

Here is what J P Morgan does for a living…well not just this but other things too. Read this..and please keep a spit bag / vomit bag near you. Hopefully things will change – but slowly perhaps. Most of us get scared when we see the examples in books and articles (you must read the credit card example in Deepa’s book – What your agent will tell you and you Must not Listen)…Anyway read further here:


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  1. Can’t help connecting the 2 dots. One in your previous post about Hanuman ji. And other one here ‘Hanuman Ji’ in form of Royal Bank of Canada & JPMorgan. That’s what they were meant to be in this case isn’t it ??

    Today’s world had more dronas who want to treat their pupil as Ekalavya’s.


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