There is a stupid lesson that the government is trying to teach the whole world – ‘spend your way out of trouble’. Luckily Indians may not listen to anything that the government says, so they will not listen to this also.

Even the average American is refusing to listen to Obama – he is likely to make Bush Jr. look good!

There are a few things that the average American has now discoverd (of course as I keep saying, our Grandmoms knew this, but did not patent this unlike a Bill Gates). Let us see a few of those things:

1. Staying at home saves costs: A huge American discovery post 2008. You see websites, Oprah talk shows, and all that stuff saying ‘eat at home’ it costs less. ‘Watch a movie at home, make you own popcorn , drink water,….all these save you dollars. Wov, we knew that did we not?

2. Barter: Not that the average American has discovered it, but the local computer guy who is unemployed, but needs a plumber is offerring computer repair services for plumbing. Saves money.

3. Car pools save Gas, man. Another major American discovery. Wov.

All this means people are using less gas, eating out less (bad news for the eateries), watching television, and the American Savings rate is now in the positive.

Obama thinks people should borrow, spend, use the non-existent home equity to send their kids to college, borrow more for going to college – this to me sounds stupid. Even the American public is now not listening to him. Bad news Obama.

Happy Independence Day, Mr. Obama. If you use Gandhiji’s definition of Independence, your people are not yet financially independent. And as long you continue to fall at the feet of JP MOrgan, Goldman Sachs,….and the Street, your bankers, doctors and lawyers will continue to rule America. Long live democracy, people think they are free.

For all you Americans out there: Happy 4th July holiday…on the 5th too! 🙂

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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Explains the tremendous success of websites like & in America

  2. Current influx of migrants is primarily from india and china (in addition to mexicans for whom it is birth right to move to US)…and our habits would also increase this trend in future.

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