Insurance is about answering questions like ‘What if something were to happen to me?’. Since most of the times we do not have an answer for questions like ‘What if…i were to fall down…’…or many other ‘WHAT IF’ kind of questions – see this article on Money Mantra…

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  1. nice read Subra.
    I have a question: do you think it makes sense get term insurance from two different insurance companies (dividing your total cover requirements by two parts). That way some kind of risk diversification can be achieved, in case one of them refuses the claim.

  2. no. To me it makes no sense. If you are talking of any claim under 4-5 crores, it may not make sense.

    I know of a Rs. 125 cr. life policy with one company – anyway it is underwritten with a Swiss Re or a German Re…so the risk is there not on the books of the Indian company. If you are the agent you have to pray he pays the premium long enuf for u to make money…

  3. Sanjeev Bhatia CFP


    One comment that I read about insurance in one of your posts a long time ago is still nagging in my mind. You had said in one of your articles “What can go wrong with a term insurance? Think and post comments.”. I cannot think of anything else except that if one is not disciplined enough to take care of his investments, he will face problems in achieving his financial goals. In Ulip/endowment policies atelast it is cumpolsary saving for him.

    Please elaborate on your comment and enlighten us lesser mortals.

    Posting this in two posts in the hope it catches your attention.


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