When we were younger – in school and college, the White man spoke DOWN to us telling us what is right and what is wrong. Now we know that Dr. ManMohan Singh is better than Obama, and all our RBI governors are far, far, far superior to Ben Bernanke and his great predecessor!

We of course know how clean they are – Martha Stewart, Worldcom, Enron, AIG, ….of course they have Warren Buffet who defends Goldman Sachs and Moodys.

Man, money makes the mare talk!

Now if an Indian company had run a factory in US and killed 15,000 people, and another 150,000 children were born with defects…Obama would have declared war on India.

But our court has not mentioned anything about the absconding then Chairman of Union Carbide. The Vice-Chairman and a group of people have got some punishment. At worst they will get 2 years in jail. Of course they will appeal and there is a good chance that Mr. Keshub Mahindra will get convicted after 8-10 years, when he will appeal using age as an excuse. And Mr. Mahindra is on the board of the best of Indian companies. Mera Bharat Mahan.

Saddened, and convinced that D&O should not be bought in India – you do not need it at all. Our courts ensure justice for the upper classes. Sanjeev Nanda, ….many others will vouch for this.

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  1. No matter what growth story india has in store , the climax would be a rude shock. Today’s news and decision by court has ridiculed all of us who maybe earning in six digits a month but can never have a fair say in this so called democracy . If death of 15000 people can not provide enuff evidence to ensure justice , tomorrow me or you can be dead and no justice could be thought of. On second thought thats why we believe so much in leaving things Ram Bharose and Bhagwaan sab theek karega principle.

  2. we dont value life in the judicial system.tort laws have no place.we keep on harping on criminal laws.its of no use to anyone -especially victims

  3. sir i stay in bhopal and when you see the effected people the pain is immense and cannot be described.it is akin to holucast on what carbide has done to them.justice cannot be condoned with $470 million.life sentence or something exemplary punishment needs to be given

  4. This kind of justice can be expected from the system powered by Congress party. People are speechless after seeing the justice which has given on Bhopal massacare…

    BBC has already said that 15000 count is just govt. official number. Its almost 100000 people. Pardon me, but the future is in very dark for india, especially life value

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