Amazing how many people die because they did not wear a helmet!

Recently saw a news item in The Hindu. A 33 year old died falling in a ditch – work was going on, hit his head against the cable. Leaves behind a 6 year old.

He was driving a bike – 15 years experience. He had just called his wife to say will reach home in 10 minutes…


1. I do not wear a helmet when I go on a short journey.

2. I buy a cheap helmet (hey dude what is the cost of your HEAD is the question, not what is the cost of he helmet!)

3. I need a helmet only when I am driving fast (this guy was travelling at a speed of 20km/hr.

4. My helmet does not have an ISI mark nor is it branded.

5. I wear a helmet only if I think a policeman will be around.

Hey Dudes and gals wear a helmet to SAVE your head. The price of YOUR HEAD is Rs. 180, buy a helmet for Rs. 180. If you think your head is worth Rs. 20 million, buy a term insurance for Rs. 20 million and a helmet for Rs. 3000. Wear it when you ride a bike. It is clumsy to carry around, so is a catheter – but you may not have a choice. Do not be stupid, wear your helmet and carry it around. There is no ‘short ride fairy’ who says I hurt only people who go on long rides…

Risk comes in many forms, play safe, but still insure.

PS: I am a life insurance agent 🙂 LOL.

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  1. one thing you missed here is majority of the college going guys dont wear a helmet..
    2 reasons for this:
    a. Never easy to impress a girl with a helmet( dude hw will i showoff my new raybans )
    b. Too many thefts of helmet in college. Who would buy an original one every 2 weeks ( used to happen in my coll atleast 😉

    Any solution for the above ?


  2. Srinivas Muthadi

    Another weird thing I have noticed in a good number of cases is the rider has a helmet, but it will be protecting the handle bar not the head. Bike handle is certainly not the best place to exhibit ones helmet. :(.

  3. Dear Subra, Thank god. I have enough Term cover to cover the Head of family & of course a branded helmet to cover my own head & believe it or not, the helmet had already saved me 2-3 times.

    From the day one, I purchased my bike, purchased my helmet from the same showroom & immediately make a habit to wear helmet even if i’m going to nearest kirana shop.



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