Almost every day somebody asks me this question! This question can take many forms – sometimes a student doing is engineering asks this question or sometimes it is the student’s parent asking this question. Even when a kid is 5 years of age parents need to plan for a ‘good’ education. Good education normally means rounding off whatever degree with an MBA. More than 5000 doctors are now doing their MBA – hopefully to set up good hospitals. However given the competitive environment many may end up being in the lucrative Investment banking area!

Here is an international ranking of business schools. Many of the IIM students (including post 2002) feel that the competition of ‘getting-in’ is the biggest challenge in IIM. Not all of them are happy with what inputs they got at the institute. So with parents who are willing to fund you, and banks happy to lend – the world is your playground! So go play. Here is a ranking by Economist about the best B-schools.

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  1. was offered MBA qualified kids from Mumbai based MBA institutes – for Rs. 10k a month. DID NOT RECRUIT…felt they will feel bad and wait for an opportunity to run away…:) Sad some of them may be good also…but will not fit in our co culture..

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