When people talk to me about retirement – they compare themselves to their parents. There is a large population that has already got it wrong.

I met 2 people who have crossed 85 years – BOTH said ‘I thought I will die at 76-77, my father died at his age of 74, I did not EXPECT to live this long’. Both are pensioned from the Central Govt., they have no money or health problems – just sheer boredom.

Here is a small article from Economist – it is scary, but I am convinced that I can write a few sequels to my book http://www.subramoney.com/book-written-by-me/

Here is the Economist article http://www.economist.com/daily/chartgallery/displayStory.cfm?story_id=15573043

Going by that chart and if you are a part of the great Indian middle class, you are likely to spend about 30+ years in retirement. I know 40 year olds who are targetting a retirement corpus of Rs. 20 crores for retirement (phew!) – have you calculated how much you need?

Is it not time you at least found out how much you need?

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  1. Subra, fantastic topic to address, kudos! As you rightly said, the topic needs to be unravelled through multiple perspectives, wealth, health, occupations for the retired etc. You have most definitely triggered numerous thoughts in my mind – e.g. a retirement corpus is one, it is like trying to shoot a moving target…and post-retirement occupations and the options is something to look at seriously…next time I hear someone say I want to retire at 40…I am sure I will stop in my tracks and quiz him!

  2. Agree with Aniruddha. ‘Retire early’ is offered by all financial planners – most people continue to work not for money but out of boredom! 34 years of working….people do not know what to do post retirement! So go and get a hobby FAST.

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