I read the Kiyosaki book about 10 years ago if not earlier..and could identify with him…except for the ‘Amway’ type of selling. Not that I have anything against Amway, but it was not my style. Many people pushed me Amway as a training opportunity, etc…but it did not cut.

However, now identifying with RK is easier – he likes financial education – and he has made it into a nice cash model – 4th quadrant if you may! Here is a fantastic piece..which i have unashamedly copied from his website..I hope I am not infringing some copyright or hurting somebody @ cnbc. I could not have written it better, but echoes my thoughts completely…it should be read along with other posts on wealth destruction…

Here is the quote:

CNBC’s Jim Cramer is having a bad year. Being listed as #7 on Mad magazine’s twenty dumbest people for 2009 isn’t helping. In his latest Conspiracy of the Rich bulletin, Robert discusses how to avoid being placed on your own list of dumbest people by utilizing financial education to beat the system.

“I also want to know why CNBC allows Cramer’s frat-brat boyish antics to appear as financial education. Are Cramer’s viewers still in college, or is CNBC just that out of touch with their markets and customers? If I were an investor who looked to CNBC for credible financial information, I would be mad as hell and subscribe to MAD magazine instead. At least I might receive some credible financial information.”

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