My equity broker has a very high self esteem, spends a lot of time in meditation, practices and teaches Reki, and generally leads a very healthy life. I asked him once to explain the reasons of his peace of mind – he really looks tranquail.

His choice of friends, clients, food, books, etc are all towards reducing the stress in his life.

He made a very good confession – he does not watch television nor does he read the newspaper. I was quite stunned – being an equity broker did he not have to be well informed about the market? He said if there is something really important –  some client would read and tell him. Other than that he did not care. He also felt that his ability to think about equity markets was likely to reduce if he read the newspaper or watched television. So he avoided both….and traded happily ever after….!

He also said that the television also ensured that you felt bad for most of the time that you watch it – it tells you how your fund is the 205th in a rank of 254 funds, you are too fat, your clothes look dull….imagine what all this does to your ego?!

If you see the ranking of mutual funds – keep comparing the previous months table to the current month’s table, you will be surprised at how the ranking keeps changing. For many of us who are looking for some action, quarterly appraisal is a nice ‘time – pass’ activity.

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  1. sir really liked this one

    I really get bored after seeing TV & exhaused also They show both very extreme side of person ( too negative & too positive) expecially in saaas bahu serial & ads after that
    Its funny if you wantch any soap opera -One day they talk about 200 crores & than next day of some relatives dupe them they are on road , doing labour work to buy medicines

    same is the scenario with Busineess channel Either they are too optimistics ( sell sign :)) or they are too pessimistic ( buy sign :))

    I remember reading one book – The millionaire next door -the actual millionaries in dollar ( has never inherited a single penny & because of hard work , spendthrift nature , risk taking ability they became millionarie ) -quite opposite to what media want to sell

  2. Dear Subra,

    I agree to disagree witrh the gentleman. Though he may be having his own valid reasons but may be needs to refreshed time and again. This whole episode reminds me of one story where in the Character of the story used to get angry literally at the drop of hat. One sage advised him to shun this world and move over to more placid place as othwise he may create trouble for himself (as his anger was unlimited). So as advised, the character moved to our great Himaylays in the solitude of virtually nothing and meditated there for long 20 years. After such a long sojourn, he felt himself enlightened and one of disciple requested him to attend our great KUMBH mela so as show people how he was able to surmount his anger. And lo, our character agreed and desecended down to have a feel of daily grind. As luck would have been, his toe was crushed by the people coming over there and he blurted out everything. With his blurt, 20 years spent in solitude was gone for ever.

    Moral:If we really want peace and happiness (we all want it), the only way is through the daily chores. At least not by shunning these.

    I still luv your blog, Subra.

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