On the 2nd of October it is surely worth thinking about Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (a.k.a Mahatma Gandhi) and check out his views on Freedom.

Most of us know he meant Freedom from the British. He rightfully argued that we can rule ourselves and we do not need an Englishman to rule over us. However he also spoke of freedom from poverty, freedom from illiteracy, freedom from servants (he cleaned his own toilet), freedom from……you can list them!

All of Gandhi’s disciples enjoyed freedom from illness (Morarji Desai, Vinobha Bhave, JP Narayan to name a few for the younger people), they spun their own thread (Khadi, Charka, remember), Freedom from servants (own cooking, own toilet cleaning)…If today Indians are dependant on their driver, cook, servant, ….etc. they are not realy INEDEPENDENT at all. So where is the freedom? Well, search me!

If you have all the illnesses (remember you chose them based on your lifestyle), your physical fitness level does not allow you to walk or climb stairs, ……remember MONEY can only buy you what you think is “financial freedom”.

Sadly, all other freedoms have to be earned – cannot be just inherited like money!

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