I am not sure how many of you have read “My experiments with truth’ – actually it is not such an easy to read book. However there are a few things that I learnt from that book (and my mom keeps saying it so it is reinforced!)

1. It is your duty to take care of your body and mind. To say you are unwell is shameful. : Coming to think of it, it is an important lesson. My homeopath tells me most of the illnesses find their root cause in what you ate. In fact he says what you ate, how you ate, the fact that you overate, ate late, skipped breakfast, etc, etc…..cause the illness. Gandhiji says “See what you did to your body ….to fall ill”. You can either be tongue conscious or health conscious!

2. ‘Choosing your problem‘ : This is another fantastic learning. How big you become is decided by how big a problem you tackle. You can choose to attend to your stomach ache or the nation’s problems. Even Chinmayanandaji says this – Imagine fighting with your wife saying “there is too much salt” or ‘there is too little salt’. This is so amusing why do we not fight saying “I want to become a cabinet minister” or “I want to become an industrialist”.  Well,  I do not know.

3. If you do not enjoy the journey, you cannot enjoy the destination. He says the means are as important as the end: Let us take an example. Today it is possible to land on Everest on a helicopter and plant an Indian flag – and then you can be photographed. However I doubt whether you will want to display it in your house, office…etc. Will you be able to proudly show it off to your grandhildren ? Well, I do not know…!

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