I share a love-hate relationship with the media. I like many (most) of the media people I know, but am amused at the limitations with which they are made to work.

Let us take an example. I got a call from one of the media kids I know.

Media kid: Hello Sir…we have an investor query (all channels are created for the trader, but they are all called investors). It is like this..”the investor wants to invest Rs. 30,000 for saving tax u/s 80 C – should she put it in Nsc or a bank deposit”.

Me: Actually neither…

Media kid: Why Sir

Me: Maybe she will be better off doing a SIP in an ELSS…especially if she has a 5-7 year horizon (which is necessary for national savings certificate).

Media Kid: Sir can she also take a housing loan and buy a house..that will also give her 80C deduction?

Me: gulp (:))

Media Kid: Sir we cannot say anything else ..our editor says we have to only choose between the choices that the client has asked.

Me: You mean the viewer?

Media Kid: Yes, sir the viewer.

Me: Both bank fd and nsc interest is chargeable and in both cases you can choose when to pay the tax – on cash basis or accrual basis, so frankly it does not matter.

Media Kid: You must say One thing – this way or that

Me: National Savings certificate.

Media Kid: Thank you Sir, for all the help that you gave to make this program a huge success (You know of course we are the most watched p f program on the south western side of Vindhyas whole of last week).

Me: Oh thank you very much.

Media Kid: It is a real pleasure sir, talking to people like you who have so much experience.

…..takeaways from this conversation are not printable…

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    And complete the story

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