Let us do some crystal grazing…where will the index end on 31st March, 2010?

Frankly I have no clue. Neither has anybody else. That is the truth. But let us have some fun. If the market were to close at the same level as March, 06 (11280) it would have to go up from 9708.50 (mar 09 closing) by 16%, if it closes at 13072 (march ’07 closing) it will have to go up by 34% and if it has to go to 15644 (mar, 08 closing) it has to go up by 61%.

Funny right? It came down only (oops I know it hurts) by only 37% in FY 09 – and to recover that it has to go up by 61% – very very unfair.

But who said life (or mathematics) is fair?

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