Market timing is so easy!

I recently got an offer on email. Somebody was offering me a news letter which promised to double my money every 2 years. Got me interested in the model.

Here all I had to do was to put just Rs. 10 million into this scheme. In about 20 years time I would have about Rs. 1 billion – and if I waited for 2 more years would have about Rs. 2 billion. Not bad considering that the last 3-4 generations of our family would not have even thought of such a nice round sum.

Then the reality hit me. I actually liked the business model of the offer – there was an entry fee for the introductory seminar, fee for the annual newsletter, then there was even a free e-mail newsletter, then a full workshop.

The accountant that I am started wondering if I can convert my own Rs. 10 million to Rs. 1 billion, why not leverage – get a couple of billion $ to start with and in 20 years have enough money to fund Obama and Osama? Why create newsletters and write blogs for fun?

Then I heard my daughter wake me up from my dream… I went to have dinner.

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  1. fantastic !! haha wish we are bless to catch such alpha stocks !!

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