If the market goes up 3 days in a row, i get emails / queries asking “Is this the end of a bear market”. UNfortunately I do not have any simple answers.

First of all the market does not announce the starting of bull / bear markets. Pundits have chosen the names and almost always tell you “This was a bear market” after the event is OVER. Similarly in case of a bull market. Also people who have got the predictions correct may have got it by luck. They have no clue how long it will be there – and what rate will it come up. If it does come up, will it come up at the same speed at which it went down. Or let us say in case of Indian conditions will the journey from 14k to 22k take much longer than it took last time? Nobody has the correct answers to these questions.

However let us look at the industries which were directly put to inconvenience – BFSI. In the mutual fund space a beginning has been made. Lotus India Amc has been taken over by another new comer Religare. Similarly there are some talks about 2-3 other mutual funds being on the block. It may or may not happen. However, salaries will take a whiplash.

One large broker has recently cut salaries – in the trading team. Another large player has downsized aggressively. One shipping company (non bfsi) has not paid salary for September….the list is long.

At the end of a bear market, at least half the brokerage terminals have to be shut, mutual funds have to downsize their working force, while increasing their aum. This will lead to lesser amc charges – and hopefully to better returns to customers.

So is the bear market over? I Have no clue!

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