We love Americans, do we not? We use American branded shoes, cola, potato wafers, we even eat Italian Pizza in an American joint. Then we eat vada pav in another American joint. Then we drink American cola.

Then we go to an American hospital, take American medicines to cure ourselves. Recently we have stopped using American cars (in the ’70s Hindi movies were full of “Impalas”), fly American airlines to study in American “schools” to land jobs in American consultancies or American brokerage houses.

Things are changing! It is time we questioned the American’s understanding of economics, risk, brokerage, real estate, etc. Why should we have American consultants, American brokers, American mutual funds, when there is no clear proof that they have any extraordinary skills? The worst performing¬†mutual fund is perhaps Morgan STanley (on the other hand, Templeton does a good job), the most expensive bank is Citibank, …so quickly make your choice!

It will be worth researching the nice bonuses Lehman, Citibank, Merrill, etc. paid their executives in the past 12 months (when they should have known how much of shit they were in). It will surely make interesting reading.

Indian companies should wonder why they should choose American consultants on risk, ethics, morals, etc. There is no proof that they know the basics.

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