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Investments, Savings or Expense?

  Every cheque that you write is either an expense, savings or investments. Sadly not everybody knows the difference between the three. In fact todays plan includes telling you that there are 2 types of investment too! OOPS, right? Ok..when you go to a hotel and pay for the food, it is an expense. This […]

Brilliant views on the Budget 2013

Subramoney was the only blog which did not have a view on the most important media event of the day at 11am. So I decided to write my views (at 8 pm Wednesday) on PC’s budget to be presented on Thursday…here it is. It is the only post (I challenge you) to have such a […]

Business: Laws of Economics

When you do a business, the Laws of Economics apply to that also. You buy things add your overheads, add profit and sell the product. Or you sell a product and from that you deduct all your costs and what gets left is profits. In the retail business – especially the book business – about […]

Reducing interest rates…

If your biggest buyer buys 80% of your production, he can control price. Economics 101. So Mr. P Chidambaram, the single biggest borrower wants to reduce borrowing costs. Nothing funny or odd about this, right? Well he borrows in many, many forms – and Indians (like many people around the world) LOVE ‘government guaranteed’ kinda […]

Tackling financial illiteracy…..

There have been many a study on financial illiteracy…and the conclusions are clear: a. Financial literacy will ensure that there are far lesser number of financial frauds. b. People who are financially literate will (hopefully!) ask for simpler and better products c. If they buy through an intermediary, they will ensure that the product is […]

Real estate prices are holding up the recovery?

Every business has to have an office. Preferably in Mumbai or New Delhi. This could of course be rented, but many of them prefer to buy it. They need CAs, advertising agencies, car hire companies, and zillions of other service providers. Where should the service providers be located? In Mumbai or Delhi. Then it needs […]

Middle class is saving less…

I wish I could do an article like that in India. I have always been screaming that we do not have enough good quality publicly available data. Does not matter whether I am talking about investing, saving, spending,….read this data driven article by Motley Fool  Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin […]