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India is not inexpensive!

For all those people who think that doing business in India is worthwhile because we are an inexpensive destination, please think again. Let us go to the basics of Economics: there are 4 factors of production needed for an enterprise – land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship. Land: by no stretch of imagination is land cheap […]

What is inflation Risk?

  I have referred to investment risk very many times in the past. This is a really scary risk in the Indian context NOW, as the inflation rates are sky rocketing. What exactly is Inflation risk? Inflation risk is the danger that an increase in price levels (normally for a sustained period of time)  will […]

Impact of fear on your portfolio

There is not enough literature or education of how to handle your portfolio during your withdrawing phase. This is obvious – there is no money to be made withdrawing from your portfolio. There is a lot of money to be made while you accumulate it, but NIL when you are withdrawing it. Fair enough, right. […]

What is safe leveraging?

Let us get it right, the real rich do not borrow. Never ever for personal expenses, buying assets or personal INVESTING. Borrowing and investing is a very foolish thing to do for most people. Will a Mukesh Ambani or a Kumar Birla take a personal loan to buy shares? Tough to answer this question? No. […]

Investments, Savings or Expense?

  Every cheque that you write is either an expense, savings or investments. Sadly not everybody knows the difference between the three. In fact todays plan includes telling you that there are 2 types of investment too! OOPS, right? Ok..when you go to a hotel and pay for the food, it is an expense. This […]

Brilliant views on the Budget 2013

Subramoney was the only blog which did not have a view on the most important media event of the day at 11am. So I decided to write my views (at 8 pm Wednesday) on PC’s budget to be presented on Thursday…here it is. It is the only post (I challenge you) to have such a […]

Business: Laws of Economics

When you do a business, the Laws of Economics apply to that also. You buy things add your overheads, add profit and sell the product. Or you sell a product and from that you deduct all your costs and what gets left is profits. In the retail business – especially the book business – about […]