Here I am taking a more philosophical attitude towards these 3 words, not just their commercial meaning.

Spending: When you incur time and money on yourself it is normally called spending. Well let us look at it this way. What you spend should do good to you. Is this a fair definition of spending?

Assuming that is the definition of spending, what is spending?

Is eating junk food called ‘spending’? or is it ‘wasting’? What about the time spent in eating that junk food?

What about the money spent at the doctor’s clinic because of the food poisoning? What about the fees paid to the doctors? what about cavities caused by junk food? and the painful (and gooddamn expensive too!) time ‘spent’ at the dentist?

Or the extra fat in the body created by the junk food? The time spent in removing from the body?

Have you thought of money and time being fungible? All the extra work that you did (and carbon debits!!).

So do you REALIZE how EXPENSIVE Junk food has been? and continues to be?

So spending, saving and wasting – seem to be very close to each other. So if you do not know what you are doing, you are in trouble!

Investing: Largely it means putting away your money for reasonably long periods of time so that you get back something MORE (MUCH MORE?) IN return.

So does cooking qualify as a waste of time (during which period you could have make 2 concalls for closing that insurance deal? ).

Well take a call on your life. If like what Phil Maffetone says ( says all that is bought is junk, then TIME SPENT ON COOKING IS A HUGE INVESTMENT.

What you eat decides how long you will live and in how good a health condition. Every minute spent in cooking HAS TO BE A GREAT INVESTMENT.

So see your bank statement / credit card statement and see how much of it is spent, saved and invested….

You can always rethink. Smartly.

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  1. Subra – Fair enough. What about money given to charity? Is that spending? Fully agree time and money are fungible – what about the time spent on weekend volunteering in library? Is that spending too?
    I would say that’s investing in the community. Your thoughts?

  2. Though they are close to each other, But it differs based on purpose. if you see as ” Wasting”, then i would say everything is waste beyond basic needs.

  3. Luckily, today I was able to remove snake around my neck (gale ka naag) – the ULIP, from my portfolio. Now investing the same premium amount partly in a term insurance and remaining part in MF’s.

    This should be smart spending now….Isn’t it?

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