I was reading / watching about the New Zealand aircraft which took people on a trip to Antartica. Do remember that thousands of flights take off and land exactly at the intended spot. Great. Somebody altered the flight plan of this aircraft – and the plane crashed into Mt. Erebus.

Everyday lots of planes take off and land at the right place – with the help of Air Traffic Controllers. Do you seriously think you can handle your personal finances with the help of some websites, blogs, and facebook groups giving you advice? Well – you know NOTHING about Air Traffic Control. You have no clue how many times planes have to do course correction even during a short flight.

Use this analogy for your life – with financial life, lets see what to do…

Ask yourself the following questions…

  1. How are you driving your financial life?
  2. Do you seriously have WRITTEN down goals?
  3. Who made your flight plan?
  4. Who is the pilot (or driver?)
  5. Who are the Air Traffic Controllers?
  6. How often do the ATC interact with you?
  7. How often do you do Course Correction?
  8. When you go out of Course, how long do you stay off course?
  9. How do you know that you are of Course?
  10. How often do your Air Traffic controllers tell you where you are going?

Let’s resolve to do the following…

  1. Keep Our Lives organised – I mean financial life, but generally applicable to all the activities of our life. Health, wealth, …everything.
  2. Keep your environment clean. Keep it free of clutter. De-cluttering reduces stress
  3. Keep your Financial life free of stress – the borrowings, the bad products like ulip, term insurance with return of premium, poor yielding endowment insurance, excess debt, …

Get organised!



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