I am asked often by many IFA and IFA bodies like Cafemutual, etc. ‘how should an IFA run his blog’?

Sorry, blogging will not work for all IFA.

When I started blogging in 2008 I had no mission, vision, aim, business plan, etc. I just started writing because ANYWAY i had been writing for a few magazines and business websites. I had content because of my reading and the tons of training that I do.

I have trained/ met more than 5000 doctors alone. More than 1000 army men. 3000 policemen. Then RMs, IFA, commoners, and of course more than 13000 reader interactions.

This is awesome ammunition. Now back this with about 1000 odd books that I have read, friends I talk to and counselling that I do.

All this helps me write. And that in story form can be made reasonably attractive. Some people like Pattu bring their excel skills into his blog and that makes it attractive (even for me) to visit his blog.

If you are an IFA and cannot bring anything attractive to a ‘new blog on financial planning’ and write about Goal setting, ….etc. YOU better be awesome to get good traction. Ask yourself one question: “What unique value can you bring”?

Can you bring any value at all?

  1. I do attract a lot of readers, but the question to ask is ‘do I attract enough potential customers’? If I just attract a lot of say students and/or people over 70, does it add any value to my business?
  2. Am I trying to grow my business (aum), audits, IT work,…or am I blogging just for fun?
  3. If my biggest customer does not like a post will I bring down the post?

I had(ve) no vision in getting good content and being happy with the few readers who were coming online.

For newbie bloggers my advice is as follows:

Blog about something that you are passionate about

Having followers is not enough. Check out whether they will buy the products that you wish to sell. Will they pay a top price for what you are selling.

post 2 should follow…


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