I went to a friend’s house and found nice leather bound edition of Milton, S’spere, Charles Dickens…and a whole host of books. I asked him ‘Tell me seriously who reads them’. He burst out laughing and said “not me”. He said the last person who had read ALL THOSE BOOKS was his grandfather – if he were alive today – he would be 128 years of age.

His father had bought a lot of books too – but the general ‘reading’ variety – Irwing Wallace, Arthur Hailey, Robbins, Ludlum, Leon Uris, Sheldon, JT Edson, Louis L’amor…….types. Yes his father had read the whole collection…BUT HE HAD NOT READ HIS Grandfather’s books.

This friend of mine – about 70 years of age – is a voracious reader and had read all the books that his father had bought, his own collection, and a few of his G Father’s books.

His daughter was a big reader too but preferred the Kindle. She was 35 years of age and had got a kindle only 5 years ago. Till then she was also reading books – hard copy is what I mean!

We are a funny country we love recommending sports to kids, but will not go and watch a SINGLE match! How many of us have gone to a stadium to see a inter school tournament – paid or otherwise.

We will want museums. zoo, acquariam, etc. but WILL NOT VISIT THEM. When did you last visit one of these?

We will want our properties maintained well but try to cheat on Rs 110 – the visitors fees. WE WILL ask the guard for a short cut to avoid paying that fee.

We will want great roads, and it should have no litter. We will throw paper all around, but expect NaMo to clean it up for us.

Many more examples……

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  1. Absolutely true. *We* hate paying taxes, hate waiting for our turn, hate listening, hate each other and look for shortcuts and don’t mind piling trash and problems on another’s head or the govt.

  2. Absolutely true!
    you nailed it about “reading books” and “sports”. I am a new father (5year old son) and realised this for myself when he himself rebuked me in Delhi summers – “you dont play in the sun, then why do you want me to play there and not indoors?”

    your article reminded me of above incident. We (father and son) are definitely playing cricket outside tomorrow evening!

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