I have spent my life talking about the power of compounding..here I am enlisting the power of Bloomberg and the great Value creator Raamdeo Agrawal.

I do not agree with Raamdeo Agarwal about not including dividends in a Wealth study that he does..but he talks well about Quality, Value, Growth, and now compounding.




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  1. Simply wow! Watched the entire 1 hour long video on my new favourite topic : Compounding. Concepts Very well explained.
    Unlike Raamdeo, brains of mere mortals like me are not wired to “visualize” compounding whether in money or in life for example: habits, exercise, skills etc. So for me it is more like leap of faith when such truths come from sharp minds like him: “First believe & act. wait for confirmation via portfolio returns in the years to come”… waiting too long to get convinced before acting will defeat the purpose in this case.

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