Want to Retire Early? Really?

There are many times when people get an urge to retire. Actually what they want is just a 2 week holiday, not early retirement!

So assuming you are a man who is around 50 years of age and is toying with the idea of retirement answer these questions HONESTLY:

  1. Is your wife on the same page as you as far as retirement is concerned? – is she going to feel bad that she is married to a ‘retired budda’ and push you to get another job? I have known many such people whose wives egged them on to a job. So if your wife does not want you to hang around at home…be careful.
  2. Do you have a social life OTHER than your job, and relatives? If no, life is going to be tough – because you do not know what to do with yourself!
  3. Do you have a hobby?
  4. Can you make yourself useful around the house? If not you have a problem
  5. If yours is a joint family – with your mother, brothers, etc. have they accepted or are you indifferent to them?
  6. Does your wife that this time it is permanent and you will be home 24 by 7?
  7. Will you have to scale down on eating out, expensive vacations, etc.? are you ready for that OR have you provided enough?
  8. What is your fall back option in case of financial emergencies ?
  9. Who is your back up if something goes wrong?
  10. Do you have sensible and good health care? Have you got it whetted by a sensible person in the field?
  11. What are your plans to be socially, physically, and mentally active?
  12. Are you completely debt free, have a sensible asset allocation, and a sensible standard of living?
  13. Draw out a typical day and see if you like it.

baker’s dozen!!

Do You want wealth? Really?


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One Response to “Want to Retire Early? Really?”

  1. I believe that we should all retire as early as possible. Retirement does not mean sitting at home. Retirement in the sense that we can pursue what we want in life without the burden of putting up with dull and backbreaking work. To get rid of a manipulative boss/ rude co-workers/ life sucking long commutes/ multitasking between office work and home chores. I like to teach, i want to learn new languages, i want to be fit and take care of my health, i want to be with my children and not miss their childhood. If only I could make enough to get away from it all and live life the way I want.

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