Some questions to the warring Board Members of TATA Sons:

  • How come the Charitable Trusts have Mr. Ratan Tata as their representative? I am not sure that JRD had it..and why RNT in his individual capacity and not as ‘Chairman of Tata Sons’ – are the Trusts not risking by appointing one man as their rep…?
  • If Mr. Mistry did not like what was happening why did he not speak out in any forum ever?
  • Did the Board decide unanimously? If yes why did a couple of people abstain? So was it not unanimous? Conflicting questions
  • Was there any ‘go/no go’ decided on BEFORE THE NANO Launch? did they decide that if it did not sell say 100,000 vehicles a month it will be scrapped? I cannot believe they did not have even this basic thing in place?
  • Will I as a shareholder holding a few shares of Indian hotels be allowed to ask..why is the share not giving any returns at all to me as a long term shareholder..?

more questions later…

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