if your life depends on:

increasing the number of mutual fund players (more training),

the aum of the industry (more trail for IFA AND FOR banks)

more spend on advertising……it becomes difficult not to be biased.

I have seen more wealth being created from equity than I hope to see from mutual funds, and not really much from RE,,,one is boung to TAG such articles>???


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  1. Been following Dhirendra Kumar & Valueresearch magazine ( MF Insight) for more than a decade now. Although the advice is generally rational and on target, the conflict of interest pointed out here raises its ugly head from time to time.
    Two examples- the type and names of funds suggested by his magazine for portfolio construction keep on changing with the flavour of the season. More worryingly, his magazine never explicitly endorses low-cost direct plans which are axiomatically superior to regular plans; his chest-thumping about purported innumeracy of the masses sadly seems to not apply in case of direct plans.

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