For those who cannot see “achhe din” and the 56″ chest, I suggest a visit to a good eye doctor.

This man has put EVERYTHING at risk in cleaning up – Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan –

  • he has antagonised Adani and Ambani with some of his actions
  • he has bugged the whole ‘bania’ community which supports the BJP
  • he has angered the BJP in UP which must be sitting on ‘distributable’ cash
  • he must be hoping that the whole salaried middle class will vote for him, I hope too.

Next few steps?

further spread of Jan Dhan – for those who do not know this is the single biggest banking initiative in the WORLD. He has opened more accounts in 1 year than in 68 years of post independence banking.

He will force farmers to get money in RTGS (Mandis will be forced to open accounts for the dalals and the farmers, this is not far away)

Ola and Uber will never be STOPPED – remember we pay a service tax in these payments.

Medical expenses will get covered by insurance – so cash will fly out from the hospital windows too.

School fees, news paper vendor, grocer…will soon be covered by apps like ¬†Onewallet

What’s left?

This will then force businessmen to show receipt for all the expenses that they claim…no ‘cash’ expenses.

So if all of India pays service tax (doctors and lawyers will soon be covered I guess), ..GST rates can come down and so can Income tax rates.

Well, achhe din are coming, chill.



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  1. you sound like NS Krishnan dmk propaganda in tamil movies of 1960s claiming so many “good things” will happen because it is 1960

  2. I do not think any tax rate in India, whether GST or otherwise, is going to come down.
    Look during the last 2 year, crude prices have down by more than 50%. Every time, Govt. kept on increasing Excise Duty on crude refining. All poor hapless Indians were thinking that the Govt is creating a kitty which will be used when crude prices go up. In the last 3 months, crude prices have gone up. Has this Govt. stopped increasing prices or reduced arbitrarily inflated Excise Duty? No.
    So please do not live in fools’ paradise. This Govt will never reduce any of the taxes any time soon. It will suck every single penny from every single India only to show its report card to global investing community (reduction in FD and CAD).

  3. This is inevitable. If NaMo doesn’t, some body else has to do or will do. Whoever does, they will get benefit in state/central elections. So, To atract,
    1. Salaried People :
    a. Retirement age increased from 58 to 60.
    b. 7th Pay commission.
    c. OROP
    2. Business People :
    a. GST
    b. Tax reduction
    c. Investment attractive measures
    3. Youths
    a. Startups
    b. Mudra Yojane
    c. Make in India
    4. Farmers
    a. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinhayi Yojane
    b. Crop Insurance Schems
    c. Support Price


    therefor, to win the elections or make the India better have to bring lot of reforms which reach all class of people.

    What happened in last 60 years is different. Internet is providing platform to spread the news/reforms/actions by govt to each and every individual.
    1. If you have done good job, it will reach each individual within hours. Bad one too.!!
    2. Demonetisation news, I think every majored citizen would have talked on this news. Thanks to media and internet.

    therefore, now we can see the more/rapid reforms and changes in India. This is most needed and INEVITABLE!!.

  4. Surcharge on use of credit/debit/rupay cards needs to be completely abolished, both for customer and the merchant. Cashless transactions should not be treated as a ‘convenience’, but a matter of regular operation. Certain number of NEFT/RTGS transactions can be given as free to all bank account holders, similar to 50 free cheques per 6 month period. Only then will cashless payments really take off.

    But no banker in his right mind will agree to this, and these banksters have the power to bring down entire govts. Ergo, cashless payments will not come, and with 2000 notes the new black money generators can hoard double the money in the same space!

  5. Sir either you did this post just for fun or you too are under effect of confirmation bias created by media. Changing currency is one thing, it will definitely kill fake notes, it will bring back “some” money to govt. in form of tax and penalties but to stretch it to the point of medical expense coverage by insurance & no black money in future just a far fetched assumption at this stage.

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