When you are to the Manor born or even in a middle class house, you have an identity. You have a home, and 4 meals a day – 2 unnecessary, but what the hell. Then it is easy to ‘like’ the system…but it is necessary to know how BHARAT lives too. Read on..this is from Twitter..

I support Modi’s move fully, but I really hope there’s been some thought given to this tweet that Amba Azaad made and that this is all covered.
People and NGOs, please step in and help them. Please. This is important. If we want to fight corruption, we’ve got to be in it together, everyone of us.

“Your utter cluelessness about the lived reality of the people whose labour supports your lifestyle baffles and enrages me.
That you are not on such terms of familiarity to have even one person you are worrying about because you know they don’t have an ID is awful.

1 Children who have run away from abusive homes with some cash, but no paperwork. And no access to a support system.

2 Sex workers paid by clients only in cash. Who keep their money on their persons in high denomination notes for ease of transport.

3 Hijras who are also paid in cash but who cannot get IDs or bank accounts in the gender they self-identify as.

4 Domestic abuse survivors who have painstakingly collected cash since their abusers deny them access to bank accounts or original papers

5 Intercase and interreligious couples who are in hiding from vengeful families, and have sold gold for cash

6 Parents in villages where the nearest bank is 10 km away who have been sent cash by their urban migrant children

7 People who have sold their only cow/plot of land/silver anklet/zhopadpatti/bicycle to pay for urgent school fees/bail/medicines/tickets

8 Nomadic people who make a living selling goods and/or doing labour and being paid in cash. Without address proof, and so, access to ID.

9 People who have saved cash for the weekly bribes to police/gangs to let them hawk, solicit, beg, sleep, live.

10 Disabled people where every bank and ID-giving office is inaccessible who want to live financially autonomous lives of dignity.”

11. Vegetable vendors who do door to door sales and sleep in the subzi mandi. No home, no id, no nothing. No chance of a bank account.

via Amba Azaad’s Twitter

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  1. Folks without ID is really huge, they got their salaries in 500/1000 denomination and are stuck. Doing what ever ‘alpa seva’ we can , to get their life moving. It’s also school fees time for all. Everyone is like… ‘oh! Shit’ hope they don’t press panic button and seek help.

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