when we have a problem…we just give up. My RM for example calls me and asks ‘you have sent me this reminder no. 234 this is for which matter’. They actually do not care a fig about what you need…so you do give up..but this man did not..read on

You need to take on the hospital where you are admitted, the banker you bank with, the insurance company….none of them have your interest at heart. And hey they are all driven…by greed..read on..





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  1. The modern day environment is acquiring a jungle-like rule of its own. By that, I mean, similar to the pre-civilization life where it was every individual animal or herd to himself.
    Modern day institutions have become nothing but herds and prides, and the individual uses his position and the institution’s resources to pillage and plunder whatever he can get his hands on.
    Some years ago, the common man had respect for law and order, and violations were the exception, not the norm. Nowadays, the common man has no respect for law and order, merely fear of being caught for doing something illegal. And that too, if he has the means to free himself from the clutches of law, he lives his life in an absolute corrupt and sociopathic manner.
    If by chance someone comes across a website like Subramoney(!) he may take steps to protect himself, else he’s at the mercy of all and sundry and fair game for said predatory institutions!

  2. Scary!!!
    But ultimately he couldn’t beat tye system even with all the resources he had. The odds are against individuals.

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