Do you make a budget? and do you spend within that budget?

If yes how much is your entertainment budget? what about contribution to a fund for your old age requirement?

which is a bigger amount? Is is the entertainment amount BIGGER by choice or is it bigger by chance?

OH, you do not make a budget so you do not know?

Do you have spending regrets? time spent regrets even kids have. Money spent regret is very common and of course it is an adult problem.

Have you felt bad after buying something expensive (please comment in the comments column)? Do you have 20 shirts lying unopened in your house (I found a friend who had 20, hence the question), did you find it odd to pay Rs. 54000 for a phone? or Rs. 200,000 for a watch?

I know how a 76 year old couple, a 55 year old couple and a 26 year old couple will spend Rs. 10,00,000 given to them just out of the blue. I am sure it will be very different, right?

Sadly in India nobody has the willingness to do such a we have to see what the Americans say

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  1. Valid post sir. Many times, i have experienced this ‘spending regret’. Buying a shirt worth Rs.2500 goes to this list 🙂

  2. lakshminarasimman

    wasting money on medicines
    we should have at least walked daily 30 minutes or so 10 years back 🙂

  3. I do regret buying my home on a home loan close to 60% of its price. Although the EMI’s are affordable and the total loan is less then 2 years of my CTC, I still regret the compounding I would have generated had I simply put it in index fund. Well cant do much about it now but have started aggressively investing in MF’s after taking good advice from various blogs and books….and yes I find it extremely odd when few people flash their new expensive gadgets and urge me to get one:)

  4. Myriads of regrets as confessions. Just usual. Subra was’nt everywhere before. Now onward, may be its different, hopefully.

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