for the first time in 8 years..seeking a feedback on the blog…

what you like, what you do not like (frankly I will not change, but just curiosity), which have been your fav blogs.

there is a reason for all this…need to incorporate in a new book….

thanks….prefer feedback on the blog….or it can be on FB…

EVEN better ..if you can say which is your favorite post…and why…that would be nice


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  1. Not missed to read your blog in last 7 years. You have lot of distance students. During this time, I passed through several stages like debts, mortgage, savings, portfolio, equity, retirement and so on. Glad to inform you that passed each stage successfully and achieved financial freedom by age of 45. My story is akin to Ekalavya.

    I postpone lot of things and fully understand what it takes to write a post on blog each day. Kudos to you for providing all the wealth of info to the readers for free. While we may suggest complicated data driven articles, but it needs resources and time. But then your personal experiences and subtle messages in dealing with various families is really valuable for us.

    Keep on posting whatever is easy and comfortable for you.

  2. Hi Subra,

    I am reading your blog since 2016. I read your blog everyday in the morning. Your blog link sits on my browser Favourite bar. Your advice has saved me from commiting financial mistakes. Thank you very much.

    All the content in your blog is superb. I am not able to select the best one. Each article is best.

    Vithal N. Satwik

  3. I like the way you wright… I somehow feel connected.. If I have got u right You like simple living which is why I feel connected. I have been reading your blog from around 18 months… The favorite post would be letter to son/daughter with points.. It was super…

  4. fav post : asset/liability clarification
    I have also attended session @ Santacruz that was nice & clarified lot of doubts.

  5. Hi Subra,

    I have been reading your blog some time now. Nice knowledge builder with lots of information about insurance, MFs, Equity etc.

    However i would like to see you addressing some of the very things your blog mostly mentions like how to pick shares in case of direct equity, differentiate Mutual Funds, Picking Mutual funds, in case of review of mutual funds when to review and how to switch (i mean the criteria) to better ones from underperformers etc.

    Also some views on how to hedge and protect your portfolio of shares if they quickly run up to to very high levels. Also something like when to exit a share what criteria etc.

    Also some info on how to deal in stocks with high PE like the Asian paints, the Eichers etc. Do you buy them or just avoid them etc.

  6. Hi,
    I am passive reader of this blogs as well as many other blogs…what I found most of your post applicable to people belong to higher middle class…someone who have parents well settled..having good government job..young person like me..who struggled in childhood for money and lived lower middle class life because parents not earning well..and I have make my all arrangements..from home to car as well as to take care of my parents too..as they don’t have money at all..and they completely depend on me only..i would like to see post fopr lower middle class or person from rising upper middle class..and how we should manage our money if we earning well but still don’t have base from parents and need to start everything from scratch..person like me..belong to typical maharastrain family don’t have equity background at all…and wiling to invest in equity

  7. Hi Subra,

    I read through all blogs since an year. Its overall good insights and meaningful and practically possible advises. Is a must read through for financial awareness for young and old.
    You touch upon many interesting habits and topics for people to take note seriously.

    Up above are the positive one’s. Now some things to come up.
    As someone else said, i think it should also shed some light to lower middle class confused people(me) from small towns. We are always caught in the urban ecosystem’s spending, living habits. And confused as to how to generate a free cash flow for financial freedom being a small time retail investor.

  8. Hi Subra Sir,

    Always looking forward to your blog on every morning on various topics which are quite helpful for me personally to correct myself.

    Please continue your yeoman service and best wishes to all those who are readers of this blog.


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