Life insurance to the educated and the upper class should mean only term insurance. However term insurance does not make enough money for companies which are used to a PE of 30 and a growth of 30% quarter on quarter..for 30 years.

So what to do? create more remunerative products and a fantastic suited booted scented sales force to sell it.

However they cannot get good numbers…so what?

Create boiler room sales men who will go and get you your sales. Daily. 10,000 of them in 30 cities. Then 500 cities and towns.

Bingo! You are ready for an IPO.

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  1. had read that article earlier this week thru another channel. it was truly disturbing to see how we are claiming to create jobs which should not exist in the first place.

  2. These so claimed Future group insurance folks have done rounds visiting homes in Bangalore too. However no Loan was offered, but some kind of insurance product.

    Agenda is “only for folks with pan card starting with special albhabets”

  3. I had a visitor in my office last week.
    he was an MBA and now teaching in 3 MBA institutes.
    He said he is into consulting also, and offered me his services so that I could increase my business. I said i dont want to increase my business as i am happy in what I am doing. I asked him about investments, he said he was looking for buying a flat , but banks were not offering him loans for the amount which he wanted.
    Then he told me that he had approached/was approached by a insurance company where he would get money @ very low rate of interest.
    That company was HDFC SLIC.
    now I understood the scam.
    poor fellow.

  4. Dear Sir,

    You have correctly pointed to the point that the rich and upper class citizens require only Term Insurance.

    also like to know your views on the Lower Middle class & Lower Class Citizens in Public & Private sector specially given the scenario when people will not get pension post retirement

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