Common man: last week you said sell, this week you are saying buy? 

TV Anchor*: Till last week the market was a sell on rise market, now it is a buy on dips market.

Bear: Actually the market is 30-40% higher than Fair Value, you should book your profits.

Bull: Except for a few scrips the market, adjusted for inflation is very close to the 2007 lows. Long way to go.

Investment analyst: If you look at the PE at which the market is being traded, but for some commodity stocks, the market is very expensive. Having read what fellow analyst Deepak Shenoy says, I agree that the Indian market is still expensive. However the market is likely to get higher, especially if you consider that the FII long only funds have earmarked US $ 1 billion for the week ending 24th March, so market reaching 26000 is a no brainer.

Value investors: the market on the whole is overvalued, but the weighted average index does not make sense. There are many stocks which are available at 30% discount to the Fair Price. Our research shows that the last time this happened was in 2008. You remember what happened right?

When the market went up 2000 Sensex points in March

Bears: It is an artificial jump, the worst is yet to happen (Truth: I did not see the turnaround happening, I was sleeping at the wheel)

Bulls: the story has not even started. Just buy all the second rung of cement. There is going to be an infra boom and you are already seeing steel, sugar, and other commodities moving up.

Value investor: Some value discovery is happening. Our portfolio is still far away from maturing …so we have a long way to go.

TV Anchor*: we always knew that it was a buy on dips market.

common man: but sir this is what you said in Jan also…and I got stung at 30000 sensex also because of the same statement.

Banker: we knew that the rate cut was coming. He started with the Nsc and Nps – now it will be banking sector booming. The Sbi at 199 is a brilliant move on its journey to 249.

Insurance: the inflow into our ULIP has been magnificient. We now are seeing UL portfolios with more than Rs. 100,000 crores in aum…good the MF industry needs a fight…






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  1. I remember when NHPC IPO happened, every IPO analyst said this share is very good for long term. After couple of years everybody understood that it was an over valued s**t (for investors) disinvestment program backed by GoI.

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