I actually do not know, and I do not watch enough of the ticker channels to know what they are saying, but may I guess please?

  • at these levels it is a great buying opportunity
  • the Indian investor is coming in with SIP money so expect another 6 billion US $ from them this year
  • no no do not invest in midcaps, do not catch a falling knife, it is too dangerous
  • there is a lot of money in the sides waiting to come in.
  • ‘This’ is exactly what you have to do NOW for your portfolio
  • Stay the course, in the long term you will surely make money
  • Over rolling period of 4 years you will surely NOT lose money in 10 years and you will make money in 20 years
  • But do your Fundamental Analysis before you buy
  • Do not buy metals – they have made no money for their shareholders in the past N years
  • Even Buffett tells you that you cannot make money in airlines stock. So avoid Indigo, Spicejet, Jet airways…et al
  • Remember SIP works! (of course it works for the amc, distributor, and even for the investor, exactly in that order!!)
  • For us this fall is a great buying opportunity
  • It is not a ‘everything will work’ market. You need to build a good portfolio 🙂
  • A great market for good stock pickers (ha ha ha)
  • When Raghuram Rajan drops interest rates, markets will fly
  • 2015 we were optimistic it closed flat. 2016 is perhaps the year that the market will go from good to great
  • India is a great long term story but the short term volatility cannot be avoided
  • It is still not a great market for investing but there are many trading opportunities
  • It is a bad market for training but a great time to be investing with a 4-5 year view

All these statements are of course brilliant. It may even be useful for you guys (go on please tell me I do not watch TV so i am just guessing..you should know better. Add them to the comments…and share it…

Now do not be greedy and ask for more…it is difficult to think of more..but if you go through your TV shows without hearing these words, please tell me. I may need to start watching television again..

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  1. media needs MASALA to serve audience, to run the so called news Chanel 24 × 7…..

    As far as Stock market is concern, whether it goes up or down…..it needs to be justified….

  2. Amusing Subra playing Sanjay of Mahabharata, reciting exactly what happened at the site without being there. Most amusing SIP working for the trio in the exact order.

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