other than the Author page and a couple of other regular pages..these are the top 5 posts which have been read MORE than 10000 times either by the same people or by new people…not sure about the calculation..hence the caveat…

  1. This article written in 2012 still gets many hits…and I think it is in line with the young audience that the blog has  :http://www.subramoney.com/2012/08/children-in-parents-ego-emi-traps/ 
  2. Very happy to see so many people (i guess more students) wanting to know what are the best investment books to read : http://www.subramoney.com/2011/06/investing-books-the-must-read-types/
  3. This is an old article on NPS. Some of the criticism stays  http://www.subramoney.com/2010/04/national-pension-scheme-what-is-missing/
  4. This is perhaps one of the most searched articles and seems to have a lot of repeat readers http://www.subramoney.com/2013/05/simple-steps-to-wealth/
  5. This of course is the article which got the most number of hits on Yahoo Finance – exceeding 100,000 hits in one day http://www.subramoney.com/2011/09/one-word-that-can-make-you-rich/

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  1. Hi Subra, I have been reading your blog since 2010. And, I read you every day.
    Well, You can use Google analytics to know unique or returning visitors to any post. It is easy and also free.

  2. Looking forward to the readership multiplication multifold. For the regular ones revist is a ritual. For the newcomers the blog is a bliss

  3. Article #5 only drew me to this website and even before reading that article I understood which word it was since I started using that approach since 12 years ago. Due to the article, I continue to visit this blog and am happy to learn from you. Thanks.

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