Except for an amazing next 7 hours when my blog goes beserk..the chances are that these will remain the top 5 posts (I mean in terms of number of readers) are the following 5.


this is at the number 1 slot with almost 10000 people having read this..shows that there seems to be a great urge for people to know what is simple living and how they can achieve it too. Gandhi is back!!


is a dialog between Swami Vivekananda and his guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa. I have no clue whether the dialog really happened, but it is worth reading for sure.


this is one of the many write ups I wrote about my experience in the market..hope people learnt the right lessons.


i am optimistic about India, Narendra Modi and Global Investing climate – and all this came out a few months after seeing Na Mo work…so let me see how right I will be…


What really keeps you fat? poor food habits. What really keeps you poor? Poor money /financial habits..read on…

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  1. Happy New year 2016 sir.

    Thanks for guiding, enlightening and making us Financially literate Sir. Wishing you and family, a very healthy, prospersous, peaceful and joyful year ahead.

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