Some of us believe that once you select a competent and honest fund manager (fund house) you can go off to sleep. In the sense that when a good fund does badly, the fund manager always has a solid reason to say “we will be back”. Now if the person saying this is Prashant Jain, Naren Sankaran and the likes, you have no clue what to do.

Clearly, if I am investing somebody else’s money I would rather buy NTPC and lose money rather than risk Procter & Gamble. Fair enough. What if I have RS. 15000 crores to invest in one fund? Honestly do i have too much of a choice?

So some closet Indexing will happen. And when I have a share at 200 pe and aonther at 8 pe…I should give logic a chance.

Well here is a sensible article by Aarati Krishnan…

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  1. I have read it on valueresearch and about to post it for the same question in mind.
    Well , you knocked it correctly.

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