I have a daughter, not a son, but no the advice would not have changed much whether it was a boy or a girl…but Morgan Housel’s advice to his son (see the link below, on fool.com) is just as fine for a girl as it is for a man…but for a girl I would add the following:

  • It is completely your call about what you want to do in life
  • getting married, having a child, make a career or have a combination of all is perfectly possible
  • if you want to make a career do not make statements like ‘I am not the primary provider’
  • it is a man’s world out there, but the world has moved from the 1980s to 2020
  • to have or to be is a question that you need to answer for yourself
  • it is easy to be philosophical at 55, at the age of 22 you will have to handle peer pressure
  • your education, company you work for, people you work with should all give you joy
  • do not do ANYTHING that does not give you joy
  • the ‘show off’ assets are liabilities. The real assets put cash in your hand
  • financial success is largely a matter of hard work, but never argue with good luck. Always take it along.
  • you will have enough money to live a decent life, but you have to enjoy something. Change your mind, it is fine.
  • Do not worry you do not know what you want to do in life. At 54 I keep wondering what to do.
  • Doing CA is a good idea, a whole world of opportunities opens up. For example you could be a painter / photographer
  • In life you can have 3 careers of 12 years each, it is not weird. I have no clue how people do one job for 37 years
  • You need not be poor to understand the value of money, but even when you splurge, you need to be in perspective
  • you will have enough money not to suffer a stupid boss. A bad boss is worse than tobacco. It kills.
  • the most precious assets are time and energy. Manage that well. Your money will do well even in an index fund.
  • the ROI of your portfolio should tell you whether you need to take risk. Ability to take risk you already have and know..
  • this are the rants of your old man, delete it, and create your own rules. Your rules are far more important

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  1. sir this is not related to your post

    but how do i convince or educate my wife regarding financial matters?
    so far only i am doing online or live

    if i talk about filing claim procedure for life insurance or writing will nomination etc topic is closed and ears are shut because it is not auspicious

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