If Starbucks, Barista and CCD were to commission a study on impact of Coffee on human health, you do not expect them to say “it causes harm” right? Or if Toyota was to do a FREE SESSION on safe driving …the lecturer to say “therefore Bolt from Tata Motors is the safest car in that price range…DO YOU? Why do you want free “financial planning lectures” sponsored by a fund house, bank, brokerage, or worse a Forex Trader? are YOU nuts? Read on…



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  1. Subra, good money to be made by Financial Planners to deliver such lectures as SEBI has asked AMCs to have a budget of around Rs 300+ crores for financial awareness. Good fun, no?

  2. brokers do financial planning lectures to sell brokerage accounts, banks to sell bank accounts, amcs to sell mutual funds…..ha ha ha and planners to sell planning services…

  3. sir this is why you see articles like coffee is good for brain tea is good for heart red wine is good for stomach white wine is good for intestine beer is good for legs cigarette is good for sex drive olive oil (1000 rs per litre) is good for cholesterol

  4. ha ha ha and planners to sell planning services….

    …and other bloggers commenting to hitchhike their not so famous blog to divert traffic from popular blogs

  5. Another common mistake we make ALL the time…When we go to buy an appliance/electronic item, we ask the shopkeeper which is a good item!! Obviously, he will cite the one which earns him the fattest margin!

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