It is now fashionable for everybody to talk about financial freedom. However not many people are actually ready for it.

Being financially free means not having to care about what people think. Of your life, your house, your job, your business, your hobbies….as long as you are worried about what others think, you are still trapped. If you are trapped you are NOT FREE. Perhaps you do not seek financial freedom, but please stop pretending that you do.

What are the characteristics to show that you are ready for financially free (believe me it is a matter of attitude, not a quantity of money)…

  1. Your opinion about yourself is what you care/ worry about, you do not care what others think: If you are doing business you do what is good for the client, employee, shareholder, no there is no conflict. The thing to do is what you do, not what looks to the outside world. So you do poor feeding for the kids in your village and there is no PR benefit of doing this. You paid Rs. 8L to a peon whose wife needed surgery and that guy did not have any cash….hey but nobody knows about that. You take up work which absorbs the slack in your human availability, but it is not glamorous, but it makes money. So you now do what is right, not what looks right. Have met many people whose sole aim in life is to sound and look correct even if they make no money!!
  2. You do things to enjoy them: So you go for a run (you are a slow runner) because you enjoy running. Not because you can net work, sell, impress, …You do not run to collect finisher’s medals, you do not practice to boast on Social Media, you practice to improve as a runner. You are serious about running -so you manage your running to get better at that. You are not playing Golf to network or impress clients!
  3. You speak the truth about your business, income, future plans, retirement, business contacts. this is de-stressing. When you are living for others you end up telling lies – this shows up in the annual letter to the shareholder. Do not worry your shareholders do not actually care, by now they know you are a liar.
  4. You stopped telling others how great you are: you used to claim greatness with all your deeds and misdeeds. You claimed that all the good in your life was because of your strategic greatness, and all wrong because somebody cheated you. Gimme a break. You are in your ego trap, you have high ‘what people will think’ kinda expenses, charities, show off expenses…..etc.
  5. You are prepared to say NO to people who ask for a share of your wallet, time or anything else.

If you cannot do these things you are still trapped in ‘what others think’. So your job, business, hobbies, travel, etc. are all to impress others. You boast about your place of stay, mode of travel, travel destination, business, employees, and you are striving for recognition. You crave for love which you cannot find in your personal relationships. You give gifts far beyond people’s expectations. You try to impress everybody from a young kid to an old person……

If these are true, you cannot be free. Ever. The amount of money you have does not matter. Freedom is an attitude…..sorry for rubbing in the salt…


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  1. This is as good as retiring from life itself in the current times, as with this kind of attitude most of the people around you will leave you or vice versa, and we have to be ready to face loneliness!

  2. A lot of introspection to do. You have helped and guided the process.
    Getting sense if you get influenced by this kind of though process nearer to Paryushan Parva. Saw similar posts even last year.

  3. Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.

    — benjamin franklin

  4. quote 1

    Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones. — benjamin franklin –

    quote 2

    A tragic irony of life is that we so often achieve success or financial independence after the chief reason for which we sought it has passed away – anonymous

    quote 3

    all good things in life are bad for health or expensive or illegal or married to someone else

  5. Sir,

    Please rub in more salt. This salt will hurt in the near term but it will make us strong in long term. I surely feel so.

  6. Mr Chandra: If that’s the case, then dont you think you should think 10 times about the type of people you have around you? 🙂

    Moreover, it’s better to have none around you, than say, 5 people who are with you, only due to the material things you own, and not because they love your company!

  7. well said nivedita.people who mind do not matter.people who matter do not cannot be of any help to near ones or anybody if you are yourself trapped

  8. Always..Always I think that you are writing keeping me in mind. I think I really have achieved that kind of mental freedom. No need to impress anyone..peaceful life..and really happy living on less AND enjoying it.

  9. Agree with you Nivedita and Sango..!
    But what I mean to say is how much ever we want to reach such a state, as long as we are living in an interdependent society(or have to), we have to care/worry about what others think at least upto some degree.
    And the degree depends on which stage we are in…
    eg: If we are working in a company, or holding a public role, we cannot say or afford to be like this.., but within reasonable limits!
    And may be if we achieve that 100% freedom as mentioned here, one is as good and free as a sanyasi!
    Even a sanyasi in modern times is dependent on the society for some basic things as he cannot live in a jungle and just depend on nature or almighty as you said!
    The so called love also is not permanent and changing and as long as it is going smoothly or with some give and take happening etc, then you call it love or else it will turn into something else like hate, indifference, etc…
    I agree that one is lucky to have some one who love him, but even here he has to be careful about not being hurtful or meeting the expectations of others, etc otherwise you can see how long it lasts!!

    Now see this discussion is turning from financial freedom to something else about bigger life itself!

    We all can do our best and believe in what the almighty has in store for us!

  10. Dear Subra Sir,
    Been a regular reader of your posts for the past few years
    your wordings have been of immense help in, I should say, almost all spheres of life
    I have been able to follow 1 to 4, trying to implement point no.5

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