In this modern world we all live stressed out to simplify that? Well there are possibilities

1. Use a lot of public transport: Yes it is possible. If you are senior enough choose the timings that you will work. If you are junior learn to travel by using public transport. During crowded times take an ola, during non peak times take a train. Choose between first class and second class depending on the crowd level. IT IS POSSIBLE.

2. De clutter your desk, your life, your portfolio, your wardrobe and even your friends list. Have written about this enough no. of times

3. Buy an ordinary Mobile phone – non smart.

4. Get rid of the cable, and the newspaper. Get off the Social Media (unless of course your job depends on that).

5. Get rid of credit cards and promise yourself that you will not buy anything using the credit card.

6. Track your Expenses, Income, Investments and see if you are going in the right direction.

7. Teach your children the decision making process, tell them that they are responsible for their action, and free them.

8. Track your time and see if you are happy spending the time they way you are,

No Go, Just Do it.

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  1. Give up cylinder. Collect tinder sticks and match box.
    Sell your house , go to a cave.
    Sell ur clothes, cover with leaves.
    Dafuq is this article???

  2. Took me about 2 yrs to get out of swiping habit. Now been months without a swipe. The best part being It cut down 12 transactions per yr and one less date to track every month

  3. At one point I tried take public transport but found it to be much more stressful than driving myself! Not just because of too much crowd, but also for their unhygienic nature. I’ve seen people dig their noses and wipe their hands on the bus seats….blow their noses and wipe off on the nearest structure; spitting around; playing loud and distracting music; foul smelling; smoking in public;…and many more annoyances. It’s so much more peaceful to drive by oneself. I get a chance everyday to practice patience and improve on it!

    The cab services in this country are horrendously unreliable & unprofessional. Although I’ve found uber to be slightly better than the rest, quite a few times I’ve had them cancel on me for one lame excuse or another!

  4. I am 26 years old.I Loved the idea of using public transport. I practice it. in fact i also have few auto driver friends whom i just call and they drop me to office. Here i am researching about investing and learning and increasing my knowledge while my friends are busy vacillating on which car to buy ! Though its their personal choice and i have nothing against it. I am very happy with my own

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