Very rarely do I use such headlines, but I am sure it is very useful to attract footfalls…so hopefully today I should get more footfalls than normal…

Anyway people who know me know that I am sceptical about the regulators. Even Raghuram Rajan – for whom I have a lot of respect – has done almost NOTHING for the common man (except holding the interest rates high for the retired person). Here I am producing an ad from Mantri builders promising to double your money in 3 years (implied rate 24% p.a.). My logic is not whether this is possible – I do not care. My Question is what are the regulators doing when such ads are being promoted.

If such ads appear with impunity why will the financial industry not feel singled out? Where the mutual fund industry cannot tell you what will happen to your money but the life insurance industry can give you illustration of what will happen to your money over the next 30 years. That too up to 2 decimal places!!

Mr. Raghuram Rajan please get these basic things in place. Empower RBI to take suo moto action against such rogue builders (whom our bankers love and are happy to lend @ 12%p.a.) it not surprising that they are paying 24% p.a. to you?

My basic contention is simple: The only protection you have against such ads is knowledge / education / learning. I do not care whether Mantri can deliver on this promise, but I can assure you that Mantri has zero competence to predict housing prices 3 years into the future….


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  1. But they do have a small star some where there-conditions apply.
    Which is applicable after you have invested and regulator must be happy with it, “they did not lie, they did say will only happen on candition that market rises at double that rate”

  2. lakshminarasimman

    i dont know you remember or not

    20 yrs back lot of “cheat funds” promised doubling in 2yrs in chennai with heavy ads and had big support with both admk and dmk

    they all ran away with 3000 crore almost not a single rupee recovered.

    at that time you can still see old people in panagal park in shock with all money gone and becoming mental daily organising protest meetings

    when greediness comes brain wont work and others take advantage of it

  3. Sir,
    So, you have also started with attractive headings/captions…..
    I was curious, hurried to read the blog and got disappointed. Any way a great attempt.

  4. Yes, absolutely. It is unbelievable how some of these statements are made in the media. Only a sensible combination of diligent savings, and more importantly focused investments can ever hope to give meaningful overall returns.

  5. Builders, politicians, lawyers, people in power, banks, all busy making money – who cares? I think, one basic lesson we need to re-learn very seriously, is ‘honesty’. The ‘working class’ (read people paying taxes from their salaries) does not stand any chance against such lucrative professions. I have now moved out of India, and have seen genuinely much more honesty in general public – although, there are definitely number of corruption cases going on at certain levels. I don’t like this state of affairs in our country, hope we all learn for change.

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