If a blog has been running for 8 years, that itself is great news…that too considering that I make no money from the blog. Not directly not indirectly..the ad revenues surely do not justify the time spent…but hey these are the top stories…






funnily no story from 2008, 9, or 10 made it to the top 5…and nothing from 2014 and 2015 got enough hits to reach the top 5…if u have not read them…go and read more than 10,000 people (at least) have read these stories….

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  1. Sir, I am reading you from 2008, now in the morning my DH waits for his newspaper and I wait for your article. 🙂
    I basically admire your philosophy, to keep things simple, be it for health or be it for wealth. You never used these exact words but that’s what I have deduced from your articles in this long.
    Whenever I feel down, I randomly browse through your site and I know there are so many gems hidden in here.
    Every time I come to Mumbai, I tell my DH I want to meet you. 🙂

    Big fan and admirer of your thoughts.

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