Being a free lancer takes you to various companies and that is good. It allows you to write stories camouflaging nicely to hide the source and the reference to the company. Here is one such story….

Here is a company where there were not “enough” business development / sales manager (the actual numbers and dates are a give away so not mentioning that). A new person came at the top and said let us increase the sales force from X to 100X (no jokes). I was asked what I could do for their training…

So how does corruption happen?

As there is a hurry to recruit people are asked to get their friends / relatives / etc…and they are paid an incentive. In many cases the HR person shares the incentive.

In about 2000 cases the sales recruit had paid about 10% of his CTC to get the job. I did not see the connection – people rejected in one branch would be recruited in another branch.

Then there was corruption at the branch setting up – negotiating with the landlord, buying of equipment (at branch level), at vendor tie up (even for Tea/ coffee)..

One amazing tie up was by the HR/ admin guys with the food vendor for training assignments. Amazing how inventive a human mind could be.

Sad? I do not know..but the amount involved runs into crores…and one of the beneficiaries recently asked me…

“Subra how do I invest cash?”.









































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  1. This is true in all corporate companies…looks like everybody in the Top management will get their share..since nobody owns company…

  2. Should this happen in a certain privately owned, family stake owned company that I know of, the “adventurers” may find their skin unpeeled.

    Purchase, vendor selection– key people are “family” or people trusted and tested over years if not decades. Top management also keeps their ears close to the ground.

  3. Last month I cleared an invoice for 30 crores. Each month I would be clearing such value invoices and can vouch that never taken even a diary from Contractors or Suppliers or Vendors.

    Even the staff of these companies going by their past experience, could not believe that they are getting payments promptly without even follow up.

    I strongly believe that some corporates except the govt have great, honest and wonderful employees due to which it could sustain for so long.

  4. it is not as though honesty is dead. One Commissioner passed 10 orders for one client of mine in about 1 hour. The client could not believe it..and told me “he/she must be wanting something..give Rs. 50k”. I told the Commissioner…and laughed. Commissioner said “I want a copy of the 9th Edition of Kanga Palkhivala’s book”. I told the client…”I just saved you Rs. 49300″.

    I have met straight very very senior police officers, customs, etc. and I am sure they are not the rule..but private sector corruption seems to be worse

  5. Do you even live in India? 🙂
    On serious note, I work/worked for big corporate(s) in IT sector; vendor management is all the same – especially food, snack, beverage: sometimes, the commission is 10% but kickbacks are 30%! Some very good food vendors quit only because of this high-handedness of admin fraternity. Senior mgt knows this, but as long as it cannot be traced back to them, they turn blind-eye.
    So much for private sector.

  6. Bharani…i do not work in Corporate India..Have only dealt as a vendor..and never ever paid a bribe..even though one psu mutual fund hinted and then another psu mutual fund bluntly asked. I just ignored…never did any business with them later on…but I guess I get what you mean.

  7. lakshminarasimman

    sir india got independence in 1947

    i have seen same things bharani is saying in every IT company i have seen

    catering and transport contract huge commission is got by admin dept
    powerful guy in that company is not the ceo but the admin guy

    lot of companies you see food and transport will be very bad but they wont change vendors for a loooong time even after complaining because of this.

  8. I worked in one of the Indian offices of an US based Product dev company. There one of the senior mgmt person have an Consultancy (in a proxy name) and all the high salaried parttime consultants are recruited only through it although the Company Ethics policy strictly prohibits it.

    In an another US based service company, if they had opening and if directly send your resume., they will give you a call but didn’t process it. The next day you will get a call from a Consultancy and your resume will be processed THROUGHT THEM. The immediate next day you will get a Interview call. Even when an Employee refers a candidate it’s igonored., but the same profile through consultancy is short listed.

    seems even US MNC’s are not exepmted from INDIAN CORRUPTION 🙂

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